Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions are designed to regulate the relations between PANDA III Co. Ltd., Burgas, 131 Tzar Simeon Str., ID. Number BG102080932, hereinafter referred to as the PROVIDER, and the customers, hereinafter referred to as USERS, at the e-shop, hereinafter referred to as "ELECTRONIC SHOP".


Art. 2. Information under the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

Name of Supplier: PANDA-III Co., Ltd.
Address of registration: Bourgas, 131, Tsar Simeon Str
Public address: Burgas, Bulgaria 131, Tsar Simeon Str
Contact details: 8000 Burgas, Bulgaria, No.131 Tsar Simeon Street
E-mail: eshop [at], tel: +359 56 800066, 811441
Entry in public registers: VAT No: BG102080932


Commission for Personal Data Protection
Sofia, bul. "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov "№ 2,
tel .: +359 2 91 53 518
Web site:

Commission for Consumer Protection
4A Slaveikov Square, fl. 3, 4 and 6,
tel .: +359 2 980 25 24 fax: +359 2 988 42 18
hotline: 0700 111 22
Web site:

Art. 3. ELECTRONIC SHOP is accessible on the Internet at through which the Users have the opportunity to conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP, including the following:

To register and create an account for browsing the ELECTRONIC SHOP and using the additional information services

To make electronic statements regarding the conclusion or performance of contracts with ELECTRONIC SHOP through the interface of the ELECTRONIC SHOP page available on the Internet

To conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP

To make any payments in relation to the contracts concluded with ELECTRONIC SHOP, according to the electronic payment methods supported by ELECTRONIC SHOP

Receive information about new products offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP

View products, their characteristics, pricing and delivery terms;

Be aware of rights deriving from the law primarily through the interface of the ELECTRONIC SHOP on the Internet

Art. 4. The Supplier shall deliver the goods and guarantee the rights of Consumers provided for by law in the framework of good faith, the criteria and conditions adopted in the practice, consumer or commercial law.

Art. 5. (1) The consumers conclude a contract for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by ELECTRONIC SHOP via the supplier's interface, accessible on its web site at or other means of distant communication.

(2) By virtue of the contract concluded with the Users for the purchase and sale of goods, the Supplier undertakes to deliver and transfer the ownership of the User to the goods assigned by him through the interface.

(3) Consumers shall pay to the Supplier remuneration for the delivered goods under the terms and conditions set out in the ELECTRONIC SHOP and these General Terms and Conditions. The remuneration is in the amount of the price announced by the supplier of the address of ELECTRONIC SHOP on the Internet.

(4) The Supplier shall deliver the goods claimed by the Users within the terms and conditions set by the Provider on the e-shop page and in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.

(5) The price for the delivery shall be determined separately from the price of the goods. When the parcel volume exceed the established courier services the delivery price will be further specified.

Art. 6. (1) In order to use an ELECTRONIC SHOP to conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of goods, the User shall enter a name and a password of remote access chosen.

(2) The name and password for remote access shall be determined by the User by electronic registration on the Supplier's website.

(3) By filling in the data and pressing the "Accept" and "Register" buttons, the User declares that he / she is familiar with these terms and conditions, agrees with their content and undertakes to comply unconditionally.

(4) When making the registration the User undertakes to provide correct and up-to-date data. The user will update the data specified in registration in case of change.

Art. 7. (1) Consumers shall mainly use the interface on the Supplier's website for the purchase and sale of the goods offered by the Supplier in ELECTRONIC SHOP.

(2) The purchase shall be done in Bulgarian or English.

(3) The consumer purchases goods offered by the Supplier at

(4) To make a purchase the User uses the data provided at registration (if required). In the event that user profile registration is not established, the user is obliged to provide the name, surname, contact phone number and delivery address of the purchased goods from ELECTRONIC SHOP

(5) The Provider undertakes to inform the User of all details, irregularities, unavailable goods, etc. by electronic means or by phone call to the contact telephone provided by the User.

(6) The sale shall be deemed to have taken place at the moment the User passes through all the steps of the purchase from ELECTRONIC SHOP and receives the number of his electronic purchase.

(7) The Supplier shall send information about the online purchase made to the User's e-mail address provided at the time of purchase.

(8) The Supplier delivers the goods to the address indicated by the User and is not liable in case the data indicated by the Users are false or misleading.

Art. 8. (1) User shall make a purchase with the Supplier under the following procedure:

Sign in at
In such a delivery, User data is stored at
The user has access to a history of their orders in the online store.
The user can track changes on the order and the shipment through the online store.
The user can keep selected products in a Watch list.

Entry into the order system of ELECTRONIC SHOP by identifying by name and password
Select one or more of the ELECTRONIC SHOP offered and add it to a purchase order list
Providing delivery data
Choosing a method for paying the price
Order Confirmation

Art. 9. (1) The main characteristics of the goods in order to help make an informed choice in the purchase of the product offered by the Supplier are specified in the detailed page of each product on the ELECTRONIC SHOP.

(2) The price of goods with all taxes included is determined by the Supplier on the detailed page of each item on the ELECTRONIC SHOP.

(3) The value of the postal and transport costs, not included in the price of the goods, shall be determined by the Supplier and shall be provided as information to the User in the selection of the goods for the purchase;

(4) The manner of payment, delivery and performance of the contract shall be determined in these General Terms and Conditions as well as the information provided to the User on the Supplier's website.

(5) The information provided to the Users under this Article is current at the time of its visualization on the ELECTRONIC SHOP Supplier's website prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract. Allows for discrepancies between declared and actual dimensions, colors and design changes of products and their packaging, for which the Supplier is not responsible. The information posted on the site, as images, is illustrative only. The functional data of the product should be accepted by its specification.

(6) The supplier is obliged to specify the delivery conditions on the ELECTRONIC SHOP site.

(7) The supplier shall indicate before the sale is finalized the total value of the contract for all the goods contained therein.

Art. 10. (1) The User agrees that the Supplier is entitled to accept an advance payment for the contracts concluded with the consumer for the purchase and sale of goods and their delivery.

(2) The User chooses independently whether to pay the Supplier the price for delivery of the goods before or at the moment of delivery according to the possible options of the site.

User from other countries pay the cost of purchases and shipping in advance.

Some goods when receiving outside the EU may be subject to import taxes, taxes and others. Panda-III Co, Ltd is not responsible for the payment of such fees and the lack of knowledge of local regulations is not a reason for refusal of goods received.

Art. 11. (1) The consumer is entitled to return the purchased goods from the ELECTRONIC SHOP within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, without indemnity or penalty and without giving any reason.

(2) In the event that the consumer exercises his Right of withdrawal under Paragraph 1, the Supplier shall be obliged to refund to him in full the sums paid by the User not later than 14 calendar days from the date on which the User exercised his right the withdrawal of the contract.

(3) In the case of exercise of the right to renounce the purchase of goods under para 1 the cost of returning the goods shall be at the expense of the User.

(4) If the User has sent a Purchase Purchased by the Supplier Goods back with accrued refund costs at the Supplier's expense, the amount that the consumer has paid under the Contract will be refunded by deducting the amount paid for the cost of receiving the Goods back.

(5) The User shall be obliged to store the goods received by the Supplier, their quality and safety during the term under para 1.

(6) In the case of damaged goods, the Supplier shall not be liable for reimbursement.

Art. 12. (1) The term of delivery of goods for the User and the Supplier shall be determined for all the goods only for the specific order after the purchase and sale through the ELECTRONIC SHOP site.

(2) The user may finalize the purchase or sale when choosing an option to deliver only available products and quantities thereof if such deficiencies are detected prior to dispatch.

(3) After payment by the User, if the Supplier can not fulfill the delivery due to the fact that he does not have the goods ordered, he is obliged to notify the User and to refund the amounts paid by him.

(4) If a payment is made if the order can be partially executed only for available goods or quantities, then the Supplier shall follow the instructions in item 2 by refunding the difference between the amount paid and that of the goods available.

(5) Amounts shall be reimbursed only by bank transfer or electronically and in case the User does not wish to choose another item with which to substitute the unavailable.

(4) Where the Supplier does not have the goods ordered, he shall be entitled to offer to User goods of similar characteristics, quality and price.

Art. 13. (1) The supplier shall deliver the goods to the consumer after certifying the fulfillment of the requirements and the presence of the circumstances under Art. 61 of the Consumer Protection Act.

(2) The Supplier shall deliver and deliver the goods to the User at the time specified at the time of purchase, depending on the destination.

(3) The User must review the goods at the moment of their delivery and delivery by the Supplier and if they do not meet the specifications

Art. 14. (1) The Supplier shall take measures to protect the personal data of the User pursuant to Regulation (EC) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data.

(2) The
Supplier accepts and declares on its Site a Privacy Policy available at

(3) By providing personal details when registering in the online store and confirming their consent, Users are deemed to be aware of the Privacy Policy at

Art. 15. (1) For the fulfillment of the order with or without registration on the site, the Supplier has the right to require from the User minimum data for its sending and communication regarding the delivery.

(2) In the event that for any reason the User has forgotten or lost his name and password, which impedes his access to personal data on The Supplier has the right to apply the "Lost or forgotten Names and Passwords Procedure" , available at:

Art. 16. (1) These General Terms and Conditions may be amended by the Supplier, for which the latter will properly inform all registered Users of the online store.

(2) The Supplier and the User agree that any addition and amendment of these General Terms and Conditions will have effect vis-à-vis the User upon express notification by the

(3) The user may declare that he / she does not accept the changes within one week of publishing the changes via a message to the
Supplier from the email of his / her account

(4) In this case, the contract between the consumer and the Supplier shall be terminated upon reaching the User's application to the Supplier.

(5) If the User does not declare non-acceptance of the changes within the specified time limit, he shall be deemed bound by them.

(6) The User agrees that all statements made by the
Supplier regarding the modification of these terms and conditions will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User account.

(7) The User agrees that emails sent pursuant to this Article need not be signed with an electronic signature in order to have an effect on him.

Art. 17. The
Supplier publishes these terms and conditions at together with any additions and amendments thereto.

0700 18 880