Panda Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale

After receiving your order, it will be processed immediately Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 16:00PM.

Your orders can be updated and executed upon receipt until 16:00PM. in working days.
Orders after 16:00PM. will be processed the next  working day.

The user has the right to cancel the order placed within the same working day or until the first working day if order placed on the off-duty days or public holidays.
PANDA III Co.,Ltd must be informed by User by one of the ways of contacting the site.

In the event of a change in the status of an item or delivery details in the meantime, we reserve the right to contact you at the contact details specified in the order.

The site keeps the order information only in a registered user Account.

The price of the purchased products is in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) and includes 20% VAT.

The price you pay is in Bulgarian Leva (BGN). Prices in USD and EUR are shown for reference only .

The custoomers from EU member state as a legal entity is entitled to purchase products without VAT. This is possible after validation of a tax number in the VIES system.

The users pay the price, which is in BGN, which is considered up to date only until the execution of the specific order.

The prices are based on the purchased quantity.

Panda III Co.,Ltd reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.

The total value of the shipment is formed by the price of the products and the price for the postal charges.

The delivery value for each order varies with volume and weight.

The user will be informed in advance of the details and cost of the delivery before payment of the order.

PANDA III Co.,Ltd. owes no indemnity in any way for errors regarding the prices of products published in

Payment by cash on delivery (domestic orders only)

Delivery term- the Postal money order service.
You receive a receipt for postal transfer, which is a legally recognized document (Ordinance N18 - for "Registration and reporting of sales") and replaces the receipt.

Payment by bank electronic cards

When choosing this payment method, you will be redirected to the payment page of our serving bank for entering your card details and payment confirmation.
For more information, visit

Bank transfer payment

It is executed with a transfer in advance to a bank account of Panda-III Co.,Ltd. specified in the contract.

Payments from abroad are only accepted with the amount of bank and postage.

For payments from abroad, it should be noted that all bank charges (bank of Recipient and Bank of the Order) are at the expense of the Ordering Party.

Payments with "Coupon"

The value of the order is payable at the time of delivery to the specified address.

In case of delay of the terms of storage, regulated by the respective courier service, when this is accompanied by the due expenses for the stay of the shipment, the same shall be at the expense of the User.

The Supplier is not obliged to reimburse the pre-paid amounts for orders delivered but not accepted by User.

When sending false or invalid queries, use of a foreign identity or user data, an invalid email address, or a phone from the buyer, these are considered to be abusive to established marketing standards and a waiver of an electronic contract.

Panda-III Co.,Ltd. reserves the right to use the User's information to inform the competent authorities of a violation of the use of the services in the online store.



We are currently ship to EU countries only.
Panda apologize for the any inconvenience caused.

Orders are processed until 16:00PM local time on the day of receipt.
Orders received after 16:00PM will be processed the next business day.

Panda-III Co.,Ltd reserves the right to request further confirmation, including by telephone, fax, e-mail of the order you have requested. This can be done in all cases where necessary to verify user information, address data as well as payment on the subject matter of the transaction.

In the event that a User fails to provide the information required in, regarding the execution of the order, the Supplier is not responsible for the inability to execute the transaction.

Domestic Orders

Panda-III Co.,Ltd delivers on the territory of the country the carriers indicated on the site.
The value and delivery time depends on the choice of postal service and destination.

International Orders

Orders from regions outside Bulgaria are always with postage included is the order.
The shipping fee will be set before payment the order.

For your information, we send only registered parcels by Bulgarian Posts or Speedy (DPD).

Please, note that the shipments outside the EU may be subject to import taxes, taxes, etc. 
Panda-III Co.,Ltd is not responsible for the payment of such fees, as well as other incidental costs of receiving the goods.

Refusal to pay them is not a reason for termination of the contract with the Supplier.

The delivery time may be extended on official holidays or weekends by the number of non-working days.

Panda-III Co.,Ltd  will not be liable and will not owe any compensation to the User for the cases of incorrect address information or for reasons beyond the control of the Supplier that are force majeure preventing the execution of the contract.

Changes to the shipping address for a registered User and other User data when
order received  are valid only for subsequent orders unless the User contacts us promptly to apply changes before sending it.

In all cases of possible delay beyond the specified delivery times, you will be notified promptly by our associate on the established ways of communication on the site.

Panda-III Co.,Ltd is not responsible for any changes in the delivery terms of the respective courier company in the meantime.

IMPORANT! Orders by ECONT will be shipped only from our address.

Pursuant to Art. 50 of the CPA, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the distance contract without stating a reason, without paying compensation or penalty and without paying any costs, except for the costs provided in Art. 54, para. 3 and Art. 55, CPA within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the goods by the consumer or by a person other than the carrier and specified by the consumer.

Supplier may waive the right to withdraw purchased goods in the following cases:

1. The refusal was filed after the statutory time-limit
2. The goods obviously do not match the purchases made by the consumer and this can be ascertained through the ordinary inspection;
3. The goods or their packaging have been damaged during transportation.

In case the User renounces the concluded contract within the term specified in the law, he shall send a statement of withdrawal from the concluded contract to Panda III Co., Ltd. and return the goods to:

Bulgaria, Bourgas 8000, 131 Tsar Simeon I Str., Bulgaria,
eshop [at] tel.359-56-800066, 811440

The User is obliged to store the goods he has received, to ensure the preservation of its quality and its appearance.

The User shall return the goods without being used without being damaged or treated in any way, with integrity, complete with all accompanying documents including instructions for use, warranty card, etc., without any external or internal defects and factory packaged .

The goods may be returned to
Panda III Co., Ltd. only when the cost of returning the goods is paid by the User.

Panda III Co., Ltd.  reserves the right to refuse to receive a return of goods if the transport fee of the same is not paid by the User or to deduct it's amount due to the courier from the price of the rejected goods.

Upon receipt of the returned product and its review, the seller refunds to the User the price paid by him without the cost of delivery no later than 30 days from the date on which the User exercised his right of withdrawal from the contract. The User can take advantage of the right to replace it with another product of the same value.

The User may require the goods to be replaced by a corresponding purchase order, by the type and condition of the purchase, by making an appropriate written notice, and in the exercise of this right, the goods are delivered for replacement at the expense of
Panda III Co., Ltd.
Refunds for orders paid with payment card will be made back using the same method.

In case of a cash payment or a bank transfer, the sums are returned only to a bank account.
The inconsistency in one of the many ordered products is not the reason for denying everyone.

Conditions for respecting the right to refuse purchased goods:
The consumer has provided Panda-III Co.., Ltd. with the purchase documents for the goods (copy of the original invoice or copies of the original receipt or the document for postal money order.)
In case of exercising the right to withdraw from a distance contract, the consumer must send the goods back at his expense or hand them over to Panda-III Co., Ltd. no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which the consumer announced to Panda-III Co., Ltd. for its decision to withdraw from the contract.

Until the moment of delivery of the goods by the consumer to Panda-III Ltd., the risk of accidental loss or damage is entirely at the expense of the consumer.

Please send the returned goods with the courier company Speedy or another courier specified between the parties, with standard delivery, without cash on delivery and with the above documents included to:

8001 Burgas
Tsar Simeon 1st Street 131

1. Requirement for specialized installation

1.1 Certain articles require a qualified approach or installation for commissioning. The same, though described in the instruction manual, may contain specialized information on how to do so.
1.2 For products for which an installation by a qualified technician is required, the cost of assembly work is not included in the price of the product.

2. Place to accept a claim

Claims for purchased goods are accepted at:
8000 Bourgas , Bulgaria,131 Tsar Simeon I Str.
eshop [at] tel., 359-56-800066/ 811440

Once the claim is made, it is necessary for the consumer to transport the goods to the point of sale and / or the designated service provider.

3. Required documents for making a claim
3.1. The claim is made locally at the mall in writing on the established ways of communication in the online store,
3.2. When submitting a claim, the User must attach documents certifying the purchase and sale of the product and the term of the guarantee: Warranty Card and Cash Bond (Invoice).

4. Warranty period
4.1 The warranty period for the product is 12 (twelve) months from the purchase of the item.
4.2 For semiconductor components the time limit is 90 days
4.3The warranty period begins to run from the date of purchase specified in the purchase order.
4.4 Damage to a product during a warranty period is not an automatic justification for replacing it with a new one.
4.5 The warranty repair period varies depending on its complexity, with a maximum of 30 days.
4.6 There is no legal requirement for a maximum allowed number of repairs to require replacement of the goods.

5. Reasons for refusal of warranty service
5.1. Lack of documents certifying the purchase or sale of the good.
5.2. Discrepancy between product identifiers in documents and those returned
5.3. Spices in the documents or product numbers of the product.
5.4. When te product was being object on repair, adapt or modify the product by User
5.5. Failure to observe storage and transport conditions.
5.6 In the case of damaged parts of the product inadvertently or as a consequence of use, both products used outside their intended use or under conditions other than those specified in the user's manual.
5.6. Incorrect conditions of use include defective electrical networks, temperature or moisture impacts, and any factors applied to the device beyond its permissible operating range.
5.7. In the case of electric shocks, floods, thunder, fire and other force majeure beyond the control of the User and the Supplier.

6. Questions and answers in case of warranty service.
If you have a question about product performance, please do the following:
6.1. Check if the instruction has mention for the the steps User can solve by itself.
6.2. For product servicing, you will be informed whether it meets the warranty service requirements.
6.3. You will be informed of the completion date of the repair.
6.4. If the warranty service is not possible within 30 days of receipt of the service item, the user has the right to replace the item, replace it with the same characteristics or refund the amount paid.
6.5. The Supplier is not responsible for missed benefits from the malfunction or stay of the product in the workshop.

7. Obtaining a serviced product
7.1. The UIser is obliged to be convinced of the quality and volume of the repairs made when the goods are received.
7.2. Under the conditions of out-of-warranty service, the cost of qualified work, the transport costs and the value of the replaced components of the product shall be paid by the User. The User is notified before the repair for the amount.
7.3. The service record reflects the date and nature of the repair.

All disputes over the fulfillment of responsibilities are settled through goodwill negotiations. If this is not possible, the disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.

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