Panda III Co., Ltd was founded in 1992 with business in electronic components and devices.

Our team consists of people with long experience in the electronics trade.

In 2006 the trademark was officially registered by Patent Office- the National State Authority in Bulgaria.

As an established importer of electronic products and a representative of the leading manufacturers we have chosen the most reliable sources of our product range.

We have a comprehensive supply chain with other major companies, vendors and manufactures worldwide.

From financial management, marketing, products sourcing, logistics management, after-sales support and other aspects we ensure efficient integrated management system reaching up to the end customer.

To meet the needs of our customers with products and solutions in the field of electronics by providing the most suitable for them.

To assist with securing long-term materials producers in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.

Our products range follow the best marriage between value and price.

Any product can be made cheaper, but the joy about the lower price will never last as long as the joy of using a Good Product.

Our key priority is to improve continually our skills and always be a leader trusted by customers.

The principle of  "mutual gain" is leading relationship with our partners.


Thank You for choosing Panda.

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