1. Panda III Co,Ltd. may process the publicly available personal data and / or personal data provided by you.
The main types of personal data processed are:

-Information for personal identification (including name, email address, language of communication, etc.);
-Data of contact (including postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers of you or your contact person, etc.);
-Financial information (bank account and others);
-Information for a representative (legal representative or proxy of one) of our client legal entity;
-Account Data from the Site (including name, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone number);
-Data relating to natural or legal persons for the conclusion of sales, dealership, wholesale, postpayment, etc.

Panda III Co,Ltd. may process data generated and generated by Panda III Co,Ltd. in the process of providing the services:

-Data about the used electronic communication device, the type of device, operating system used, IP address, location;
-Data about your preferred goods and services
-Data of communication between us and you, habits, preferences, your satisfaction with our services (service activity, complaints, requests, etc.);
-Information about Site visits and use of the Site, including operations and usage history of the Site;
-Data obtained in the performance of the obligations deriving from normative acts (ie data arising from inquiries, regulations, investigative bodies, notary, tax offices, court, judge executor);

3. In order to ensure the good execution of the services and the obligations arising from client contracts,
Panda III Co,Ltd. has the right to process any information that is available in public registers (including public database and data disclosed on the Internet) as well as information received by third parties regarding the implementation of legal provisions, regarding customers.

Panda III Co,Ltd. has the right and the obligation to verify the correctness of the personal data stored in the database and for this purpose requires you to verify the data and, if necessary, correct or confirm the correctness of your data.

5. Various types of personal data may be processed individually or in combination uses your data only for the purpose of your convenient site navigation, execution of your orders and queries.

For some, a minimum of data is required from the User, such as shipping the orders, communication about the delivery or performance of the site's warranty policy (usually name, address, telephone)

For our business, We the Provider of Goods and Services, have the right to use your personal data in cases where processing of such data is in connection with compliance with the Accountancy Law (issue and storage of invoices)

As a data subject, the User may be required to consent to the processing of the personal data for one or more specific purposes at, namely:

-To process the performance of a contract to which the User is a party.
-When processing is necessary to protect the data subject's interest in performance of Supplier's obligations to it.
-When processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation that applies to the Provider;

The user, as a data subject, has the right to withdraw the consent at any time with the opportunities provided for in as well in free form.

When you visit our website, it can store or retrieve information from your browser, primarily through cookies.
This information may be for you, your preferences, or your device. Information is most often used to make the web page work as you expect.
This information does not usually identify you directly, but it can give you a more personalized web experience.
Since we respect your privacy, as a User, you may choose not to allow certain types of cookies.
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Panda III Co Ltd. applies its own technical and organizational measures on the protection of users with regard to the processing of personal data in accordance to the principles of personal data protection laid in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016 / 679

Examples of personal data include:

an email address, such as;
identity card number;
location data (e.g., mobile phone location data feature)
internet protocol address (IP);
Cookie ID
the ad ID of your phone

For more information about GDPR 2016 / 679, about regulation and your data protection you can visit

We comply with the following principles when processing your personal information:
-according to law, good faith and transparency;
- limitation of processing goals;
- relevance to processing goals and minimization of data collected;
- accuracy and timeliness of the data;
- containment of storage in order to achieve the objectives;
- confidentiality of processing and ensuring an adequate level of security of personal data.

As a period for which the user's personal data will be stored on www. accepts the longest of the terms for the performance of the contractual relationship with the User, and outside the site of legal obligations to store accounting information, as well as in the cases of establishment, exercise or protection of legal claims.

The length of time that your personal data is stored depends on the processing purposes for which it was collected:
1. Personal data processed for the purpose of signing / changing and executing contracts between Panda III Co., Ltd and you or a represented company -
for the duration of the contract and until a final settlement of all financial relations between the parties.
Panda III Co., Ltd may store some of your personal data for a longer period of time until the expiration of the respective limitation period in order to protect any claims of clients in connection with the execution / termination of contracts with us as well as for a longer term in the case of a legal dispute that has already arisen until its final settlement with a court / arbitration ruling which has entered into force;
2. Personal data processed for the purpose of issuing accounting / financial documents for the implementation of the tax and social security controls, but not only - invoices, debit, credit notes, delivery / delivery protocols, service / goods contracts shall be kept at least 11 years after the expiry of the limitation period for repayment of the public claim unless the applicable law provides for a longer period.
4. Personal data processed for the purpose of direct marketing - until the explicit withdrawal of the given consent for direct marketing or receipt of an objection to the processing of personal data for direct marketing.
5. Video surveillance data from security cameras - up to 60 days from recording creation.
6. Phone calls are stored up to 360 days from the call.

For any violation of personal data security that results in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, stored or processed, the Provider must notify the relevant supervisory authority not later than 72 hours after understanding and without undue delay informs the data subject of the personal data breach

Please note that we may remove your data provided if we do not find a reason and / or obligation to store that information.
If the reason on which we store your personal data (for example, if we cease to have a legitimate interest in storing your personal data, if the period for storing your personal data has expired or if you have withdrawn your consent for storage your personal data), we will delete them or destroy them safely.

We may change our privacy policy to accommodate changes in legislation or our privacy policy. We post all changes to this page and advise you check it frequently.
  If you do not agree to the changes to this Policy, you must discontinue using our site..

Freedom of choice

You control the information you provide on as well your data. However, if you choose not to share this information with, when navigating certain pages requiring such data, note that you may not have access to some of the site's functionality.

You have permanent access to your own personal data when the site is active for visits.

You can change your data, delete your personal information (the right to be forgotten), and retrieve your own data for using the same ones outside of our site.

Under Directive (EC) 2016/679, if you are the individual to whom the data relate, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data;

Panda III Co.,Ltd advises all parents and guardians to teach their children the safety and responsibility of providing personal data on the Internet. Minors should not transfer personal data to the e-shop site without the permission of their parents or guardians.Panda III Co.,Ltd will never collect personal information if it knows they are minors or will use them in any way or disclose to third parties without permission.

Children merit specific protection with regard to their personal data, as they may be less aware of the risks, consequences and safeguards concerned and their rights in relation to the processing of personal data

Where point (a) of Article 6(1) applies, in relation to the offer of information society services directly to a child, the processing of the personal data of a child shall be lawful where the child is at least 16 years old. Where the child is below the age of 16 years, such processing shall be lawful only if and to the extent that consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility over the child.

Panda III Co., Ltd advises all parents and guardians to teach their children in safe and responsible handling of personal data on the Internet. Minors should not transmit personal data to online e-store without the permission of their parents or guardians.

Panda III Co., Ltd will never collect personal information, if known to be minors, or use it in any way or disclosed to third parties without authorized permission.

By creating your Profile you will be able to communicate with us within our site.

Sometimes it is necessary for you in remote workstation or failure of mail client sofware.

There will be stored your incoming and outgoing communication with us.

We also retain this correspondence to improve our products, services and customer support.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Statement or other issues not covered here and close with these terms please, contact us at eshop [at]

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