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Usage in any manner of intellectual and industrial property without exclusive agreement of the holder of rights hs meaning of violation of his rights and offenders meet current legislation.

The Site of  Panda III Co., Ltd can contain banners with embedded links to web pages to commercial partners. Panda III Co., Ltd does not bear any responsibility for thus offered goods / services, their content, quality, performance and safety and the conditions under which consumers can purchase specified therein.

1.2 User agrees to these Terms and Conditions of website of  Panda III Co., Ltd by registering as a Subscriber to the site.

1.3. Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the rights to unilaterally amend the terms of use of online shop.

1.4. In case of any changes in the Terms and Conditions Panda III Co., Ltd should inform the Subscriber by web pages publication or by sending an e-mail to subscriber and providing sufficient time to make him informed about the changes.

1.5. Once informed the Subscriber is entitled to inform Panda III Co., Ltd for confirmation the the acceptance of changes or reject them.

In case when customer rejects them then Panda III Co., Ltd within three days of registration of rejection notice will close Subscriber’s registration and its access to the website.


2.1 If visitor proceeded to order any goods in need to be registered first and then will be treated as Registered User.
The personal registration required filling the form in real time and agreement with website Terms and Conditions before complete it.

2.2 Registration of minors from age 16 to 18, should confirm Terms and Conditions together with their parent or guardian.
In case of registration of a minor under 14, it must be accompanied by agreement of a parent/guardian who declare conformity with the Terms and Conditions.

* Person under 14 years can use our web-site as information but without placing any orders. They can be made by parent/guardian in the manner provided in these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 The declaration of the agreement of subscriber with Terms and Conditions of online store is through Electronic Document and Electronic Signature.

By marking the "I agree with Terms and Conditions” and REGISTER button at the end of contract Subscriber agrees to them and undertakes responsibility.

2.4 The Subscriber must provide complete and accurate data required by the Panda III Co., Ltd in registration form and update it whenever applied any change. After registering the Subscriber may edit at any time information specified by himself.

2.5 Subscriber /respectively parent and legal guardian or custodian/ take full responsibility for providing false and /or incomplete information when filling out the electronic registration form.

2.6 Legal persons may register as Subscribers to the services provided by the electronic shop of Panda III Co., Ltd by authorized representatives.

2.7 In registration the visitor must give his full name, correct and valid telephone, shipping address and email address.

2.8 When placing an orde the User need to pay for goods under the conditions described in the information delivery and payment of goods. The User is responsible for submiting false or invalid orders.

2.9 User shall take all care in order to protect user’s password and do not provide anyone username and password . In case of unauthorized access to your account please, immediately notify the administrator of

2.10 The user also must not interrupt  proper operation of the web site, must not take actions that lead to blocking and denial of services on the website, and also must not to thwart the identification of other users of the web site.


3.1 Panda III Co., Ltd is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the User in registration form.

In case of such User violation Panda III Co., Ltd has the right to close immediately without notice User registration and his access to

3.2 Panda III Co., Ltd is not liabile for any damages suffered by User in result of providing by him (User) username and password to third parties for access to online store.

3.3 Panda III Co., Ltd shall confirm the availability of items ordered or to cancel the order by valid reason within 3 working days.

3.4 The Seller must deliver the goods in time set according to shipping method and destination and transfer ownership of the goods.
The goods for sale in are with proven origin and supplier’s rights for resale by Panda III Co., Ltd.

3.5 Seller has the right to inform Registered User by email with unsolicited commercial messages about inquiries, conduct surveys or to show advertising information about their own products or offered by their vendors.

3.6 Seller has the right to terminate without notice User who does not comply with the above obligations of the online store, to close its Profile and /or to claim for lost profits and damages in result of illegal User actions.

Termination of User registration and contractual relationship with the User can be done in the following cases:

a) By mutual consent
b) At any time upon request of the User
c) As per Term and Conditions
d) By suspension of trade activity Panda III Co., Ltd

Termination is proceed after sending written notice by e-mail and/or registered letter.
Applying acts regarding any of the above cases shall close User Profile, delete User information shared and delete User password.

We always try to offer full information about our products.

The products for sale in are with proven origin and supplier’s rights for resale by Panda III Co., Ltd.

Seller is not responsible for any wrong information about product performance and specifications if provided by manufacturer's in their product info.

Trade titles and marks are used only for better description of the goods.Trademark rights are owned by the manufacturer.

We are online for your inquiries about specifics and details, features and questions about product application.
You can always do this by contact form, by e-mail eshop [at] or by phone 0700 18 880 /on price of a local call in Bulgaria/ within working hours:

9:00 a.m. to 18:30 pm - Monday to Friday
9:00 to 2:00 p.m. pm – Saturday

Because of the wide range of offered products allowing type or technical error is very likely.

By using the "Found an error?" You can report for mistake or inaccuracy in the product data.
Panda III Co., Ltd thanks in advance for your help and opinions about our product information.

Information about products on the Site is listed in categories and sub-categories.

The page of each product contain the price, main characteristics and any additional information aimed to help customers you in their choice.

Panda III Co., Ltd is not responsible for any inaccuracies in any product description not related to the basic characteristics and also for lack of full manufacturer’s information.

Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to publish names, models and other information about the goods of other language when:

a) Translation cause loosing of valuable information about characteristics of the goods
b) There is no commonly accepted terminology in other language
c) the product itself carry of information in other language (examples: software, driver, UPS, etc.)

All product prices are in BGL (Bulgarian Lev) including VAT.

Panda III Co., Ltd has the right to change at any time and without notice information about products, services, prices and other products details changed by manufacturer or vendor.

Users are considered informed of these changes from the date of publication.

Information of the products sometimes could not be updated on time. In case of orders under proceeding contained such products Users will be notified about changes applied meanwhile before sending the goods.

Part of information published on may refer to products, services or programs currently not available. Please, excuse us in advance if this happened.

Panda III Co., Ltd is not responsible for any differences in products colors specific for each display settings.

Links to our site are eligible, if provided in an appropriate context.
If necessary to show any our web page and put our link to your please, contact us first.

In case of violation the above metioned conditions, your rights of usage automatically terminates and you must immediately delete any downloaded, saved or printed materials from

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This includes decisions and/or performance and/or omission of certain actions based on published information and other materials, information, products or services contained in any of these sites, whatever reason may have.

Any cases not mentioned here make responsibilities of Panda III Co., Ltd limited to the maximum permitted by applicable laws in Bulgaria.

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