Shipping and Handling Terms

Your orders will be proceed until 16:00PM on the same day the order has been made. The shipping will be the same day when the payment is confirmed and money accounted.

The time for delivery depends on the choice of freight service and location.

This time for delivery can be prolonged when official holidays and/or non-working days with the period of time of such days.

Panda III Co., Ltd has no any responsibility or any obligation for compensation to the client in the cases of delivery delay caused by the courier, due to incorrect address information of the client and/or due to any other force major circumstances.

As address for delivery is considered the one mentioned by you in your registration, or in case additionally mentioned respective courier’s office.

Any changes in the delivery address or in other customer’s data are valid only for future orders, unless the client contacts us in due time for applying above changes for a current, not yet sent order.

In any cases of eventual delay in the delivery terms mentioned, you will be informed in due time by our representative.

If You choose Online payment or TT with or w/o Shipping charges, your order will be started for proceeding at the day of the payment.

Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to ask for additional confirmation including by phone, fax, e-mail of your order. This can be done in any case of doubt about the information for the customer, the address data, as well as about the payment of the purchase.

In case when the customer refuses to give to Panda III Co., Ltd the requested information concerning the order processing, this refusal automatically leads to declining the order with or without an additional notice to the customer.

Panda III Co., Ltd has no responsibility for any changes in the terms for delivery of the respective courier company, occurred in the meantime.

When using the “Pay on delivery” (domestic only) option and shipping is to other consignee, different than the registered person/company, the customer must mandatory put in the receiver’s information his telephone number as well. In case the mentioned as a consignee person/company refuses the order, this automatically leads to canceling by Panda III Co., Ltd with or without any further notice to Registered User.

In case when the customer cannot be found during the time for delivery at the address or no access to this address has been assured, Panda III Co., Ltd is released from the obligation to deliver the order and the customer (Registered User) looses the rights on his order.

Your orders can be placed with chosen courier and Shipping Included in order total. We will apply the most economy way of shipping the goods, unless you want to choose and iform us for other.

If You choose Online or TT payment with Shipping included, the cost will be add to your order as soon as possible and before your payment.

Orders from outside Bulgaria are subject on shipping charges included in order total.

For your information we send International Orders only by Bulgarian Posts and registered (R).

We will choose the most economical way of delivery and shipping value will be set in your order before the payment.

You can choose the payment of shipping charge on delivery by chosen international courier (if you are registered customer). Then payment only the total cost of goods will be possible after their confirmation to us. Please, note that we need one day more for proceeding it because of third party contract.


Some goods maybe will be liable for customs duties and charges outside EU when they arrive. We are not responsible for any duties, tax, levies or other charges payable for receiving the goods by customer outside Bulgaria. Any duties or taxes payable on purchase of Panda III Co.,LTD products are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. If the purchaser refuses to pay the duties/tax it is then the responsibility of the purchaser to pay all shipping costs for the return of the goods.

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