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With "Add to Watch List" you can create a list of products that interest you and keep them to your account.

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If you make registration during this time /90 min/, Watch List will be transferred and saved to your "Profile".

At any time you can add “Watch List” products to the “Shopping Cart” with for purchasing them. If you already have added same product in the Shopping Cart, it’s quantity will be increased by one.

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Add to Cart create a Shopping Cart with list of products to purchase.

If you are not registered (or not logged in) the products you have added will be preserved 90 minutes only.

If you make registration within 90 minutes, they will be transferred to Shopping Cart of your Profile.
If you are Registered User, when login with username and password you will be asked about whether they can be saved to Shopping Cart of your Profile.

If you already have added same product it in the Shopping Cart, it’s quantity will be increased by one.

During technical difficulties or changes the construction of the site your Watch List and Shopping Cart will remained the same as content.

After creating your Shopping Cart you can proceed to next step with Checkout, after which you should choose conditions of your order:

1. Payment by EPay, Visa / MasterCard / Maestro / BORICA cards, bank transfer or COD (applied for Bulgaria only).
2. If any product out of stock - in case of insufficient or missing product you can choose whether to send you the order with existing products (Ship remained) or cancel the whole of them (Cancel Order).
3. Freightcharge cost – You can choose if freight cost to be included in total value of your order or not. If you select  "Shipping included" then you will be informormed as soon as possible for the cost before payment of the purchase. This applies to all cases excluding COD (For delivery address outside the country "Shipping included" is set as default and the shipping cost will be added to the total amount of purchase later in your order.)

With Continue you will proceed to the next step to order confirmation.

With ordering in the Reistered User come into contract with Panda III Co., Ltd with the conditions for sale set by the Terms and Conditions.

The order is considered completed after confirmation of receiving.

With step Buy, you declare that you want to buy goods and you are informed with the General Terms and  Conditions for procurement and delivery of goods.

After confirmation your order must be paid online by choosing one payment methods: EPay or Visa/ MasterCard/ Maestro /BORICA cards.

When proceed you will be lead to payments system selected.

Your own profile in track of your orders.

Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to remove from the archive orders completed for more than 12 months. These will be stored and if necessary can be provided to Registered User.

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