Panda Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale

Once received, the order will be process by our representative.

Your orders may be accepted or updated until 16:00PM on the day the order has been made.

Orders after 16:00PM will be processed the next business day.

The consumer has the right to refuse a wrong sent request within 1 (one) working day from the date it has been given and after notifying for that action Panda III Co., Ltd.

In the meantime, in case of change in the status of a certain item or in the delivery details, we will contact you on the given by you contact numbers and e-mail.

Your personal account is keeping the information for all your orders.

The price of the items purchased is including VAT 20%.

The customer pay the price in BGN, which has been current at the time their order was given.

The product price(s) does not include the price for the delivery service.

If you want shipping charges to be included in order total, you will be informed about all charges later and before your payment.

The cost of your shipment is formed including the price of the products ordered and the price of the service for their shipment according to courier’s tariff rate.

The purchase value is certified by respectively enclosing document in the shipment.

Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to change the prices of their products at all and any time, without any obligations for notifying the customers.

In case of technical mistakes published by accident on the site, we reserve the right to decline the order without any following obligations or liabilities for compensation to the client, except to recover the amounts paid and/or deposited by the client, if any.


Choosing EPAY you will be redirected to  where you have to pay through your account. For more information you can visit


Choosing card payment you will be redirected to  where you have to pay by your valid credit/ debit card. For more information you can visit

3. Payment using BANK transfer

Payment should be done by TT to our bank accounts shown in PI (proforma invoice).

International bank transfer should be done after Proforma Invoice issued by Panda III Co., Ltd with postage and bank charges included in.

Foreign customers please, note that we have to receive clear amount. The banks charges (Beneficiary and Ordering Customer) are subject to be paid on Buyer's account. In field 71A "Details of Charges" should be noted "OUR" as instruction.

4. PAY on DELIVERY (domestic orders only)

Payment in cash can be done at the same time of delivery of the goods at your address or in the courier’s office.

When using the “Pay on delivery” option and a separate, different than the registered person/company is mentioned as a receiver, the client must mandatory put in the receiver’s information his telephone number as well. In case the mentioned as a receiver person/company refuses the order, this automatically leads to declining by Panda III Co., Ltd with or without any further notice to the customer.

For orders noted for receiving by third party we strictly need their phone for delivery confirmation. If customer placed the order (or third parties consignee) refused the payment on delivery then Panda III Co., Ltd will cancel the agreement of sales contract respectively.


Refusal about receiving the shipment with ordered goods shall be considered as act of breach the electronic purchase contract with

"Panda III" LTD is released from its obligation to deliver the goods and the consumer loses his rights on his contract for the supply of goods.

Any delay which exceeded  the free storage deadlines in courier's policy  is accompanied by surcharges for storage which should be covered by buyer’s side.

Disclaimer of electronic contract on delivery without a valid reason is considered abuse by the buyer with established trading terms.

"Panda III" LTD. reserves the rights to terminate the contract in such cases of false or invalid orders, other identity or invalid Email address or phone contact.  The user access to online store  should be prohibited without notice. The foregoing should be considered abusive on the part of the buyer.
These terms and conditions may be changed unilaterally by

5.Currency Exchange

Panda Online Store uses an online currency exchange service called Dynamic Converter to display prices in different currencies. This service is to be used as a guide only.

All transactions made through Panda Online Store will be carried out in Bulgarian Levs (BGN). Orders will be converted before payment in BGN and your statement will display local currency amount.

Conversions to other currencies are carried out by the customers financial institution at their own conversion rates.

As exchange rates and fees vary between financial institutions it is always advisable to contact your local provider for accurate currency conversion to BGN.

Panda-III Co., Ltd charges customers at the point their goods are dispatched and is not responsible for when the currency conversion takes place.

6. Privacy

Panda-III Co., Ltd. does not collect credit card information. To ensure the security of your information communicate through third parties, such as or and your credit card information does not reach Panda-III Co., Ltd.

Panda-III Co., Ltd. is not responsible for security in cases of fraudulent use of credit cards for purchases on our site, nor commit to returning the money to purchase from our site with a stolen credit card.

Panda-III Co., Ltd. will fully assist authorities in case of the illegal use of our site or illegally buying products.

Panda-III Co., Ltd. has goal to satisfy the customers in the best way and give money return guarantee according to sale conditions and term of purchase.

7. Others

Your orders will be received even you pay now or later. If you have any problems with payment or other details about order performance please, feel free to contact us.

When you chosen payment by bank transfer we have to receive the whole amount of the purchase in our account within 7 (seven) days since the order has been received.

Panda reserves the right to release the goods for sale again, without any notice with only recovering any partial payment made by the customer (if any). For your information orders paid will be sent only after confirmation of money by our accountant dept.

In case payment received in our account after 16:00PM, orders will be processed on the next working day.

Your orders will be proceed until 16:00PM on the same day the order has been made. The shipping will be the same day when the payment is confirmed and money accounted.

The time for delivery depends on the choice of freight service and location.

Panda III Co., Ltd has no responsibility for any changes in the terms for delivery of the respective courier company, occurred in the meantime.

This time for delivery can be prolonged when official holidays and/or non-working days with the period of time of such days.

Panda III Co., Ltd has no any responsibility or any obligation for compensation to the client in the cases of delivery delay caused by the courier, due to incorrect address information of the client and/or due to any other force major circumstances.

As address for delivery is considered the one mentioned by you in your registration, or in case additionally mentioned respective courier’s office.

Any changes in the delivery address or in other customer’s data are valid only for future orders, unless the client contacts us in due time for applying above changes for a current, not yet sent order.

In any cases of eventual delay in the delivery terms mentioned, you will be informed in due time by our representative.

Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to ask for additional confirmation including by phone, fax, e-mail of your order. This can be done in any case of doubt about the information for the customer, the address data, as well as about the payment of the purchase.

In case when the customer refuses to give to Panda III Co., Ltd the requested information concerning the order processing, this refusal automatically leads to declining the order with or without an additional notice to the customer.

The customer has the right to refuse the ordered goods solely in cases of:

1. The goods obviously do not match the items ordered for purchase by the customer and this can be ascertained by an ordinary visual check;

2 The goods and/or its packaging have been damaged during transportation.

The customer must sign a damage report in the presence of the courier and immediately inform our representative on telephone number: 0700 18 880.

Panda III Co., Ltd recommends to its customers in receiving the shipment with any doubt for damage due to transportation always to check the condition of the shipment in the presence of the courier’s employee.

3. The price does not match the amount due.

All requests for reclamations are accepted during 7 (seven) working days after delivery of the goods.

4. A person, considered as a consumer as per the Law on Consumer Protection has the right to decline from a signed purchase and sale contract for a product through the site without owing compensation or penalty and without a reason, when returning the goods within 7 (seven) working days from the date the product has been received.

The customer is obliged to store the purchased goods, to assure its quality and safety.

When a customer declines a signed contract within the above mentioned terms, he has to send a refusal statement to Panda III Co., Ltd and return the goods in advance.

The refusal statement should be sent to address:

8000 Bourgas, Bulgaria,
No.131 Tzar Simeon Str.,
fax: 056800067
e-mail: eshop [at]

The customer should return the products with the original labels, without any indications for the product being used, without the goods to be damaged or treated anyhow, fully intact, as a set together with all accompanying documents, including instruction manuals, declaration of conformity, guarantee card, etc., without any outer or inner defects, into the original manufacturers packaging, including the originally protective elements, folios, markings, etc. as well as conforming to other conditions within article 55 from the Law on Consumer Protection.

The goods can be returned to Panda III Co., Ltd only if the return transport expenses are for the Costumer’s account! Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to refuse accepting a returned product for its own account.

After receiving a returned product and its check, the seller recovers the paid amount (without the one for delivery) to the customer not later than 30 days from the date on which the customer stated his refusal of the contract. The customer may use the right to replace the returned product with another one.

Panda III Co., Ltd reserves the right to require a compensation for an impaired or missing part of the set, abnormal appearance, missing part from the full set, in case not looking the way it has been sent or a total refusal if the product is totally not the same.

5. Sending your claims

In the cases mentioned above, the customer may request the items to be replaced with such corresponding as appearance and condition to the ordered ones by sending a written notice. In this case the delivery of the replaced goods is for the account of Panda III Co., Ltd.

Shipment accepted by customer without any remarks, any further claims for visually observed, outer defects are considered groundless and as such will not be satisfied.

In case when no damage report has been signed in the presence of the courier’s employee at the time of delivery, and/or our representative was not immediately informed on number 0700 18 880, the customer looses his right the goods with visual, outer defects to be replaced with such in accordance to the ones in the purchase order by us.

In case when, due to Seller’s fault there is a discrepancy between ordered and delivered product(s), the customer may ask for an immediate replacement of the wrong item with the one from the order within 3 (three) days after delivery using a notification sent to contacts or using phone 0700 18 880.

In the above case the customer sends back the goods, using a freight courier chosen by Panda III Co., Ltd and for the account of Panda III Co., Ltd.

Panda III Co., Ltd is obliged to send for its own account to the customer, within 3 days after delivery back of the wrong items, the correct ones ordered in the purchase.

Inconformity of one of many products is not a reason for refusing all of them.

1. Requirements for installation

In order the guarantee to be in force, there is a requirement the setting-up, installation and using of the product to be in accordance to the requirements in its instruction guide.
For products, for which a competent technician is needed for the installation, his labor is not included in the item’s price.

2. Claims and returns about your purchase

Claims and returns about purchased goods are accepted at same as address of the Panda III Co., Ltd.
The customer has to send the goods to the seller’s address or to an authorized by seller repair service.

3. Requirements in cases of claims andreturns

3.1. Claims are accepted in trade office by phone or in written, with valid customer claims details, attached full name and contact details.
3.2. In case of claims the customer mandatory applies a valid document: guarantee card or invoice, even report ascertaining the inconformity of the goods.
3.3. Guarantee card contains the model, the serial number, date of purchase, name, signature and stamp of the seller, as well as signature of the customer, that the same is acquainted with the terms for guarantee.

4. Guarantee term

The guarantee term of the product is mentioned in his guarantee card. The guarantee term starts to count from the date of purchase indicated in the purchase document.

5. Items excluded of guarantee obligations

Outer parts of the product, damaged by the customer neglect.
Devices, instruments and accessories used outside the intended purpose or in conditions outside the indicated in their instruction manual.


The guarantee obligation can be refused in case of:

5.1. If lack of valid document ascertaining the purchase of the goods.
5.2. If discrepancy between the information in the documents and the product.
5.3. If non valid document or missing or changed product serial number.
5.4. In case of attempt for installation, modification or adjustment of the item by unauthorized by the seller persons.
5.5. If the conditions for transport and storage are not complied with.
5.6. In case of damage due to storage, functional overload, using in inappropriate for the item conditions (inefficient electrical network, temperature or moisture influence as well as other factors outside the acceptable limits).
5.7. If electric shocks, floods, thunders, fire and other circumstances force major outside the manufacturer’s control, trader or service.

6. Directions for the customers

If a problem with your product appears please do the following:

6.1. Please, check in the instruction manual weather something about this problem is mentioned and can be solved by yourself.
6.2.Your goods will be serviced after you have sent a request (as explained above) as well as it is needed that you provide the whole set of the item and transport it in its original packaging.
6.3. Before starting the service you will be informed by our staff if your product responds to the guarantee requirements or the problem is not covered by the guarantee.
6.4. You will be also informed about the date of completion of the repair or the price in case out of guarantee coverage.
6.5. If problems within the guarantee service cannot be solved till 1 month after receiving the item for repair, the customer has the right to receive the same item as new, or another with same performance, or reimbursement of the amount paid.
6.6. In case when the repair is not covered by the guarantee, the time for it is prolonged and not fixed having in mind time needed for delivery of parts or the specificity of the repair itself.
6.7. Manufacturer and seller cannot be held responsible for any benefit losses due to the defect itself or the time in the service.
6.8. During the time when the product is in the service for repair, the seller is not obliged to provide the customer with another such for that time.

7. Receiving repaired products

7.1. Customer is obliged to convince himself in the quality and volume of the repair performed before receiving the product.
7.2. In cases when the repair is not covered by the guarantee, the labor, transport expenses and the parts replaced should be paid by the customer according to the service performed. (The customer is informed in advance for the cost.)
7.3. In the guarantee card the date and type of repair service is marked.


Claims for damages because of transportation or inconformity of the set are accepted only at the same day of receiving the product.
Damage of the product during usage within the guarantee do not lead automatically for replacing it with a new one.
The time for a repair within the guarantee terms may vary depending its complexity within a maximum of 30 days.
There is no legal injunction for the number of repairs allowed.

All disputes should be arranged through good will negotiations. In case that is not possible, the disputes are settled according to Bulgarian Legislation Laws.

Promotions are valid only for online orders through the website

Promotion starts at 00:00 pm in the date of the announcement and ends at 23:59 pm on the date of expiry.

Promotional prices are only under the stated conditions and are valid only for the stated period. They apply only to individual order and only if the order соnform to the conditions announced in specific promotion.

If promotion required a minimum order value, the total sum of the individual amounts of two or more orders of the same customer is not considered as valid under the promotion terms.
Then “minimum value” requirement applies to the value of separate order and only if it conform the promotion conditions.

The cost of delivery of orders is not subject to reduction, unless specified as part of the promotion.

In case of  lack of stock the promotion conditions apply to remained items.

Any order corresponding to the terms of the promotion as values placed with invalid verification data, will not be processed under states of promotion announced.

Discount and Free Shipping as terms of promotion should apply to online orders only and with respect to online prices.

The above conditions shall not apply to products subject to special negotiated prices and other discounts.

Orders under promotions with "Free shipping included in" are subject on 2 working days delivery.
In case of customer request for Express Delivery, the same is not considered as part of terms of the promotion and shipping cost payment is on buyer's account.

The terms and conditions for free shiping are valid only on the territory of Bulgaria

0700 18 880
fax: 056/ 800-067